Welcome To MYSTIQUE – Surigao City Bikini Bar and Disco Pub

MYSTIQUE – Surigao City Bikini Bar and Disco Pub

“Its A lot More Fun At Mystique”

The epi-center of Surigao City’s nightlife. Just on the edge of Downtown, a stones throw away from Pier, is the party destination for locals and visitors, every night of the week this place will be booming with people from all walks of life. Everyone with their own vision of what the night will bring.
With VIP rooms, great dancers and laser lights galore. There is not many places in Surigao City for you to find a soft comfy place to sit, drink, and listen to music and see talented dancers tare up the dance floor.
We offer nightly shows that will dazel the imagination in a club atmosphere that’s second to none. Come and visit MYSTIQUE Bar and Disco Pub and let us show how we do it here in the Philippines.

MYSTIQUE Bikini Bar and Disco Pub offers the latest state of the art lighting and sound system in the Philippines. As well as the most beautiful bikini

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